Providence Chemical Company
Buys and Sells Surplus Chemicals and Raw Materials at Below Market Prices.

My Family has been in the trading business since 1974. We Buy and Sell surplus chemicals and related materials. These materials could be excess, off-spec, by-products, obsolete, end of runs, etc....

The information we need to market your goods is the material's name, manufacturer, amount, packaging, age, location and if you have a firm packaging asking price or want a bid. We are interested primarily in material in the original sealed containers. Items must have a minimum value of $1,000 for us to work on them.

Providence Chemical Company circulates your offer to potential customers through phone calls, faxes, emails, and mailings. Once a buyer has been located, we will send you a purchase order with a bill of lading instructions and we will take care of the shipping.

If there are certain materials you use on a regular basis, please send us a list. We will get in touch with you regarding these items before they are marketed.

Barbara A. Berman
Providence Chemical Company


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